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From: Phillip P. Brewer
Re: Free Funnel Formula


Hello Fellow Marketer,

Phillip P. Brewer here and I have something very exciting to tell you about. I won't bore you to death with a bunch of unnecessary sales bologna and just cut right to the chase.

As an Internet Marketer you are likely aware that the absolute best way to earn online is to build a list with an optin funnel and have a sales funnel on the backend of that to make sales and recoup some of your list building costs.

Well, I have something for you today that is gonna' blow you away.

No longer do you need to have your own products to create a sales funnel. In fact, you don't even need your own lead magnet, which is the freebie given away in exchange for email addresses.

Nope! You don't need anything but 2 simple html pages and a copy of this incredible Report that shows you how to setup a complete sales funnel 100% FREE without having ANY products of your own.





Free Funnel Formula

This crazy little short report has a solution for fast and easy funnel creation like never before. You can literally set up multiple funnels in one day and all of it is done without the need for having ANY of your own products.

This formula shows you how to use affiliate products for your entire funnel yet you are always in control and NEVER suffer the problems that using affiliate products for a sales funnel have presented in the past. A bit more about that in a minute...

...but first, let's take a look at what you will need to put this to work for you.

You only need to have a Paid Autoresponder service. Everything else you need is 100% FREE including...

...the Free Funnel Formula :)

That's it!


Too many problems when using affiliate
products in your sales funnel

In the past setting up a sales funnel required that you have at least your own lead magnet (frontend product) then you could send your new subscribers straight to an affiliate offer after optin if you wanted to but there are a lot of drawbacks to using this system.


When using Affiliate Products for Backend Sales:

  • Your new subscriber NEVER see's your face or knows your name after they join your mailing list since they go straight to an affiliate offer
  • Your new subscriber doesn't know who's list they joined so they will not likely open future emails
  • You may get a lot of unsubscribes since they don't know you
  • Worse yet you may get a lot of SPAM complaints and put your autoresponder account at risk
  • Your only contact with your new subscribers will be solely via email and they may never open ANY of your messages
  • You may earn an affiliate commission but you will not make any REAL money from your list since they don't know, like and trust you
  • Your new list will be unresponsive and you will have wasted a lot of time and money building it for nothing.
  • The 'disconnect' caused by using affiliate products on the backend of your funnel can literally cause more problems than it solves


So using affiliate products for the OTO's in your sales funnel can be very detrimental to your list building efforts and could possibly jeopardize your entire business should you be accused of being a SPAMMER and have your autoresponder account shut down.


Free Funnel Formula is the Solution

Why risk it? There's no need to have these problems and you can still set up complete funnels using affiliate products. With the Free Funnel Formula you can even use affiliate products as your lead magnet and still NOT suffer from the issues mentioned above.

In fact with the Free Funnel Formula you can:

  • Use affiliate products for your lead magnet on your squeeze page
  • Use affiliate products for the backend products in your sales funnel
  • Use ANY Autoresponder of your choice
  • Offer upsells and downsells with a complete sales funnel built for you by sellers that are already successful
  • Still have control of the funnel after optin and connect personally with your new subscribers
  • Give your new subscribers an opportunity to know, like and trust you
  • Give them Unadvertised Bonuses directly from the vendors Thankyou page even though you have no control over the vendors pages
  • Give them Unadvertised Bonuses directly from your own download page even though you DO NOT control any of the products being used
  • Get recognized in their inbox so they will be more likely to open future email messages from you
  • Enjoy higher open and click through rates since they already know, like and trust you
  • Avoid SPAM complaints since your new subscribers will be expecting and even looking for your messages
  • Earn Instant commissions for any sales you make via the affiliate sales funnel
  • Leverage the credibility of the sellers that created the products you use in your funnels and become an instant authority yourself
  • Offer exclusive products that can not be found anywhere else because they are created specifically for use in the funnels you use


Alright, that's just about enough sales jargon for one day don't you think?

Let's get down to the brass tacks of the matter and get this cool little report into your sweaty little hands so you can get your own Free Funnel set up and working for you as soon as possible.

This really is one of the easiest ways to build your list, build your credibility and best of all, fill up your Paypal account with instant commissions.

The button below takes you to a checkout page but DON'T PANIC because this is a 100% FREE download!

Of course I'm going to show you at least one paid offer before you reach the download page. If I didn't at least try to make a buck out of this deal then I wouldn't be a very good marketer, now would I?

The PAID offer simply enhances the ease of setting these funnels up but it is NOT required in order to put the Free Funnel Formula into action.

You can get your own copy of the Free Funnel Formula for just...


...100% FREE!





To your success,

Phillip P. Brewer


Earnings Disclaimer: Although we provide powerful tools which can help boost income, the results are dependent on many factors outside our control. We are not therefore able to give any guarantees about the level of income that you will attain by using this product.

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